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July Box

July, 2022: Enrichment Summer

This month, we're featuring a brand NEW, enrichment/foraging toy from Oxbow! Fill the Wobble Teaser with your bun's pellets and adjust the opening in the toy. Give it to your rabbit and watch as they try to tip the teaser in order to dispense treats! 

Foraging and enrichment is crucial to your bunny's happiness and well-being. Toys like this encourage them to use their instincts and problem-solve!

Your box contains:

  • Wobble Teaser (NEW)
  • Bell Pepper Treats
  • Flip & Roll
  • Deluxe Color Dangly
  • Timothy Lollipop Apple
  • 4 Weekly Care Sheets

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    We'll see you next month! Give all the head scratches for us.

    -Nicole, Kati, Jess, and Olive

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