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    The Lovers Box: 1 Rabbit

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    The Lovers Box: Toys, Treats, and Bonus Surprises

    Why settle for boring when you can get a box overflowing with love? Our Lovers Box is packed with exclusive goodies for our subscribers. From toys to treats and even sometimes a special gift for YOU, it goes way above and beyond! Perfect for 1 bunny, because love should never be limited.

    PS: Have 2 rabbits? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our Herd Box!


    Made for Bunnies, by Bunny Parents

    Inspired by our rescue rabbit, Olive, we wanted to create a service that would provide every bun owner with the essentials to keep their rabbits entertained, healthy, and happy!

    We know there's a lot of things out there that aren't safe for bunnies. That's why we stand by this motto: if we won't give it to our bun, we won't give it to yours!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 292 reviews
    Pam Moyer
    Too cute

    I loved this box. So cute. My rabbit went nuts for the applewood ball.

    Andrea Powell
    So much joy to my little bunny

    Hi Bunny Moms and Dads! Our 3 year old Dutch lop, Eponine (@sweeteponine) LOVES her BunnieBox! We make it a family fun night and she plays and enjoys the toys and eats the treats that are so healthy all month. This is VERY worth the money and safe! Try it and make your bunny get the bunny zooms! -- Anka

    Kimberly Mcwilliams

    My bunny loved her box! So much to play with and chew and snack on. Thank you.

    Rylee Spayer
    I loved this months box!!

    I have been getting there bunny boxes since December now and I have been pleased with every single one of them. I love the added toys and treats! My bunny Wiloh goes crazy for them! The quality of the toys is beyond belief! Well worth the money each month! Thank you bunnie box!!🐰