This Month's Box

April 2024

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What's Inside the Box?

While supplies last, you'll enjoy:

    Organic Wheatgrass Kit 3 Pack - Grow delicious, healthy, fresh wheatgrass for your FURriends. You bunnies are sure to love this fresh treat and you can grow 3 sets of grass!

    Calendula Flowers - Dried marigold is a special treat for your rabbits! Use as a hay topper to encourage foraging and fun!

    Squeaks & Fur Timothy Flowers 2 Pack - Made from Timothy hay and apple orchard sticks, this special treat promotes chewing and dental health.

    Celebration Cone - Made from a mix of natural textures and sticks, this little toy is also an excellent tool to promote healthy teeth and chewing habits.

    Oxbow Natural Woven Dangly - A crunchy mix of grass will keep your bunnies engaged and entertained.

    Mulberry Chew - This chewtastic treat promoted healthy chewing and fun. Hang in your pets' living area and let them play all day!

    Celebrate Diversity Magnet - A little gift for bunny parents- remember to celebrate diversity this month, and every month!

    Weekly Care Sheets - Always included to keep you organized and accountable. After all, we're responsible for ensuring our pets are clean, happy and healthy!

The Herd and Ultimate boxes have multiple quantities of some items.

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What our FURRIENDS say:


It’s nice to get a new box of goodies for my bunny each month. They put a nice variety of things in the box my sweet boy has enjoyed them all!


Everything in this box is perfect! ...The items I got would have easily cost more than the box itself if purchased on their own. It was all name brands I recognize and trust, adding to the value and comfort.


My baby boy was so happy when he got his box! He was so excited when we opened the box for him. He binkied a few times then flopped. All the treats and items in the box are high quality. If you wanna see your bun super happy, you’ll buy a box!