When you subscribe, you'll receive a box filled with specially selected products to pamper your rabbit! It'll include treats and toys for your bunny, and some extra surprises! Each month, we'll change up the contents keeping your deliveries new and exciting.

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Pet safety is our top priority. We're on the lookout for safe, delicious treats and toys for your furriends. We won't send anything with unhealthy ingredients. Everything we select is carefully chosen and used on our own rabbits. It's simple- if we won't give it to our bunnies, we won't send it to you!

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Squeaks & Fur Box - Single Delivery

Get the whole collection of 8 Squeaks & Fur favorites and save! Made by us, for you.

Every month, this is where you'll be able to see the contents of our boxes!...

  March 2024: Your box contains (while supplies last): Squeaks & Fur Happy Harvest...

  February, 2024: Your box contains (while supplies last): Squeaks & Fur Applewood...

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BunnieBox.com donates to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping rabbits in need. By subscribing to our box, you're helping us give back to our furriends in the bunny community.