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Herd Box


  • Best Value
  • FREE Foraging Mat ($25 Value)
  • 8-10 Items Each Month
  • DOUBLE Toys, Treats & Chews
  • Natural & Safe Materials
  • Bunny Parent Surprises
  • Weekly Care Cards

For 1 Rabbit

Lovers Box


  • Most Popular
  • FREE Foraging Mat ($25 Value)
  • 5-7 Items Each Month
  • Toys, Treats & Chews
  • Natural & Safe Materials
  • Bunny Parent Surprises
  • Weekly Care Cards

Bunny Bag


  • Just The Basics
  • 3-4 Toys & Treats
  • Natural & Safe Materials
  • Delivered In A Bag
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Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 10.37.39 AM.png__PID:e83a9b76-40c7-4b87-b580-c57ca1f81b7b

My girlfriend and I have a flemish giant bun named Iviee. I got Iviee the box of toys (figured I'd give it a shot as she has never played with a single toy bought for her) and Iviee LOVED ALL THE TOYS! Thank you, BunnieBox!

Andrew C.

Verified Purchase

I am a first-time bunny owner and this subscription has been so helpful to teach me care, play, nutrition, and training techniques! I get the Lovers Box and I get sooooo many goodies for our girl! She loves bunnie box day and so do we! Great buy!

Kelly F.

Verified Purchase
Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 10.37.39 AM.png__PID:e83a9b76-40c7-4b87-b580-c57ca1f81b7b

The Lovers Box I received was amazing and I can say that my bun definitely loved it as well. But more importantly, I love that it contains treats made from high-quality ingredients that are safe as well! Thank you so much BunnieBox. I can’t wait to receive our next box!


Verified Purchase
guinea pig inside december subscription box

My bunny loves opening his first BunnieBox! He rummaged through the whole box for at least 20 minutes before choosing his favorite toy which was the hay ring. He plays his puzzle everyday and loves his new foraging corner in the room with the foraging hanger. 10/10

Ashley L.

Verified Purchase
Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 10.37.39 AM.png__PID:e83a9b76-40c7-4b87-b580-c57ca1f81b7b

OMG! We have had our Holland Lop Mocha for over a year with no interest in any toys we bought for her. This box changed all of this! She loves the her toys and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

Jennifer B.

Verified Purchase


Made for Bunnies, by Bunny Parents

Inspired by our rescue rabbit, Olive, we wanted to create a service that would provide every bun owner with the essentials to keep their rabbits entertained, healthy, and happy!

We know there's a lot of things out there that aren't safe for bunnies. That's why we stand by this motto: if we won't give it to our bun, we won't give it to yours!



My bunnies absolutely love this. The July 2023 box was the first one we ever got and the dried Calendula flowers my bunnies went insane for. This box allows you to try new things you never knew about. Plus the packaging is super cute! Definitely worth the money.

Taylor B. Verified Buyer


Purchased the box for my 3 bun buns. They loved it, especially the forging mat! Well worth the cost! And I love the calendar and reminders that came with it. I can use those when I travel for the girls sitter! Beautifully packaged.

Meg E. Verified Buyer


We are in the process of bonding our current bunny with a lovely sweet female and having two of everything come in the box was great because both bunnies get to try out everything and it helps us not accidentally show favoritism since bunnies can hold a grudge! Highly recommend.

Catherine M. Verified Buyer

Best Pet Subscription

Our sister company, GPigBox, was the proud winner of Best Pet Subscription at the Annual Cube awards. "Thank you!" to everyone who supports our business, and loves their rabbits and guinea pigs as much as we do!

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